We proudly feature over 250 booths of eclectic,
unique craft vendors at Street Fair each Spring & Fall.
We offer:

10x10 Booth Spaces
Double & Quads Available

Setup Help From SF Volunteers
Exposure to +25,000 visitors!



When is Street Fair?

Yellow Springs Street Fair is hosted the second Saturday of June and October. 

Where will my booth be located?

Street fair is a large event that encompasses 3 main streets.  Vendors are located on Xenia Avenue, Short Street, & Dayton Street.  

If you have any special requests for booth location, please indicate so in your application.  While we cannot guarantee booth spaces, we do our best to accommodate each of our vendors!

What utilities are available?

No utilities are available to vendors located on Xenia Ave, Dayton St, and Short St. 

When is setup?

Setup begins at 7am sharp.  For the safety of all visitors, no vehicles are permitted on the streets before that time.

Vendors are expected to follow the designated traffic flow unique to their location, unload their booth spaces on the sidewalk, and immediately move their vehicle to a parking location.

For safety reasons, under no circumstances may a booth be setup while the vendor’s vehicle is still in the public roadway.  Failure to comply will result in dismissal from the event without refund.  

Do I need to complete the Yellow Springs Itinerant Vendor Permit?

Please visit or call the village at 937-767-7202 for questions. 

I already have an unexpired Itinerant Vendor Permit, what do I need to do?

There is nothing additional you will need to do for Street Fair.  However, you may need to check with RITA on any documentation they may need from you.    For questions, please contact RITA Ohio

Can I leave early?

No.  Unfortunately roads are closed until approximately 5:15pm when the streets are cleared of pedestrian traffic.  Absolutely no early departures will be permitted. 

What do I do if I have a specific booth location request?

Please indicate in your vendor application the booth location you would like.  We will do our best to accommodate you. 

When does selling start?

The event begins, and selling may start at 9am.

When does selling stop?

All sales must be concluded by 5:00pm sharp as tear down begins immediately at 5pm.   In the interest of public safety, any vendor conducting sales after 5:00pm risks suspension or ban from the event in the future. 

How does tear down work?

At 5:00pm all selling ceases on the streets.  Vendors are required to begin tearing their booth spaces down and moving wares and supplies to the sidewalk.   Be aware  streets will be opened to vendor traffic shortly after the conclusion of the event at 5:00pm.  

Vendors will need to follow their initial traffic flow to retrieve their items and follow the instruction of Street Fair volunteers and YSPD regarding load locations. 

Do you have helpers for setup and tear down?

Yes!  A limited number of volunteers are available during both setup and tear down times.  Please contact an info booth during the event for more information for help during tear down. 

Where do I park?

Parking is available 2 main lots in the village.  When you get your booth assignment you will also receive a parking information sheet with directions on where to proceed. 

*** Please be advised – YS Street Fair, nor the YS Chamber of Commerce controls what parking lots charge for parking – typically parking can be secured for approximately $10 ***