We proudly feature over 30 different food trucks
and mobile eateries at Street Fair each Spring & Fall.
We offer:

10x20 Booth Spaces
Double Spaces Available

Electric Available
Water Available


What permits do I need?

Food Applications/Operations Link

Information for Mobile Food Operators

When is Street Fair?

Yellow Springs Street Fair is hosted the second Saturday of June and October. 

Where are Food Vendors located?

Our food vendors are located on Walnut Street starting at the Limestone St. intersection.  

Food vendors continue down Limestone, and then down Short St.  

A select number of Food Vendors are chosen to be located in the Beer Garden, located at the Bryan Center.
*If you wish to be located in the Beer Garden, please notate that in your application*

What utilities are available?

Street Fair partners with the Village of Yellow Springs and offers a limited number of booth spaces that offer electric and water spaces.  These are offered on a first come, first served basis.  Apply early to maximize your chance of being guaranteed these hookups. 

When is setup?

Setup for food vendors only begins at 6pm the Friday evening before Street Fair.  Vendors may not enter the Walnut Street area until it has been cleared by Village of Yellow Springs personnel. 

What food permit do I need?

Vendors are required to hold a Mobile Food Truck license, or a temporary food permit from the Greene County Public Health Department.  

Food vendors will be inspected by GCPH & Miami Two Fire & Rescue to be authorized to operate for the duration of the event. 

I already have an unexpired Itinerant Vendor Permit, what do I need to do?

There is nothing additional you will need to do for Street Fair.  However, you may need to check with RITA on any documentation they may need from you.    For questions, please contact RITA Ohio

I need more information about Electric Hookups!

One paid electric hookup for Street Fair consists of 2, 120V outlets.  If you require more outlets, please be advised they come in multiples of two, and you will need to indicate this on your initial application.  Failure to accurately communicate the hookup quantity will result in an additional fee.

Can I leave early?

No.  Unfortunately roads are closed until approximately 5:15pm when the streets are cleared of pedestrian traffic.  No early departures will be permitted. 

Do I need the Yellow Springs Itinerant Vendor Permit?

The Village of Yellow Springs requires an Itinerant Vendor Permit that is available in 30 day, or year-long intervals. 

Please visit the below link for more information.

*If your business does more than $500,000 annually you should be filing income withholding with RITA.  Yellow Springs is a registered municipality with RITA, and if your business meets the $500,000 threshold and has 20+ contact days in the  Village, please ensure you are filing for 28 with RITA for Yellow Springs.  

*If you have a physical storefront in Yellow Springs, you are not required to obtain this permit.